Frequently Asked Questions

At Brava Branding, we strive to ensure you’re fully prepared and crazy confident for your photoshoot. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below!

wHAT IS personal brand photography? I JUST NEED A HEADSHOT.

I hear you girl! I'm not one to pay for more than I need so efficiency and quality are my 2 most valued standards. A personal branding photoshoot provides you not only with a variety of amazing headshots but you'll walk away with engaging content that allows you to connect with your audience with ease. Having professional images (sorry iPhone camera) to use across your social media, your website, your professional listings, print marketing materials, etc. makes you stand out from those using low quality, outdated images or even stock photos. 

Our Digital Collections offer you the freedom to post new, quality content regularly. We've strategically designed this so you can feature new images every month, 2 weeks or every week. Keeping an engaging and vibrant social page has never been easier! 

i don't own a business so do I really need a photoshoot?

Personal brand photography is for any leader in business or individual striving to be seen in a confident and professional way; an entrepreneur, CEO, manager, brand builders, or even a recent collage graduate looking to craft a standout resume and LinkedIn profile. Having striking visuals of you in your element is the best way to set yourself apart. You'll be surprised at how many ways you'll utilize your new images! 

Looking for a new position soon? Thinking about applying for that management position within your company? Hiring teams are more often drawn to candidates with polished and approachable headshots. The 'little' details are often times the most important!

I'm not photogenic and this doesn't sound fun to me...

Girl, please. Have you met me? I'm pretty darn fun, and so is my team! And I make sure your photoshoots are a blast from the moment we begin. I specialize in photographing women who hate having their photo taken. It's kinda my thing... If we waited to do anything until the timing was "perfect" then we wouldn't do anything ever! You're perfect today and I'm here to help you prove it to yourself. You deserve to exist in photos. Really great photos so trust me when I say, you've got this.


Hello, totally normal person! Almost all my clients say this but that's what I'm here for. I'll be coaching you through each pose, showing you myself (yup, I do every pose first), telling you when to breathe, and even how to get the right facial expression. Next excuse, please...


Nope, but I do professionally edit them. I soften skin, remove small blemishes and of course when I pose you I'm making sure it's the vibe you're looking for. I do not "nip and tuck" or remove parts of you that are, well, you! No conforming to society's crazy standards of beauty here! Just beautiful images of you in poses that flatter YOUR figure and celebrate YOU just as you are. 

how long are photoshoots?

Anticipate spending about half your day together. You’ll be in hair and makeup for about 60 minutes followed by final style planning before we begin your photoshoot. Typically, we'll spend 1-2 hours shooting, depending on your style,  number of people being photographed, photoshoot location and any products we might be photographing. We don't rush anyone's photoshoot so the pressure is off by not trying to cram everything in under 60 minutes. Headshot Minis  however, are the most efficient photoshoot you could ever dream of! 15 minutes might not seem like much but with our posing workflow you'll be surprised how quickly we capture that perfect headshot you've been wishing for!

How do i plan for my photoshoot?

Planning is half the fun! I've developed a surefire way to make sure we're capturing content that speaks to your target audience. Once we understand who they are and what you'd like to communicate, I'll build a "shot sheet" which is an essential guide to how we work through your photoshoot. Every detail is included; wardrobe styles, setting + locations, edit tones, props + tools we're going to include, and more! 


We completely understand that sometimes life gets in the way of our plans. Please know that all payments made to The Brava Studio are non-refundable. First, we’ll look at rescheduling your photoshoot to another date. If you do need to reschedule within 7 days of your photoshoot, we have a $150 rescheduling fee. Really, this is to cover the staff who already blocked off their time and turned away other clientele for your reservation, so they’re not left high and dry. If you decide to outright cancel, all payments made are forfeited. 


At a minimum, I suggest 3 but really no more than 8. This gives us options to play with and given the time we have, we can capture a great variety of images. Props such as a new necklace, jacket, different colored undershirt or tank top, etc. are great to bring along as well! Typically, we'll start with style you're most comfortable in then start to switch it up every 15 minutes. If you’re not sure what to bring, no worries! I provide an extensive prep guide that walks you through how to shop and plan for your photoshoot! Need a professional opinion? Let's schedule a Zoom call so you can show me items in your cart or try on looks for me to see and style. I'll happily provide links to suggested looks if needed!

Can I include my team or a Model?

Absolutely! Your team is an invaluable part of your journey and including them in your content only deepens the connection that your audience has with your services. Showing behind-the-scenes images of you and your team "in action" is a great way to make you stand out from your competition. Not to mention, your team is going to have a blast being part of this creative and empowering day! There's a $175 fee per additional person requiring professional hair and makeup services.