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Whether you’re a bride-to-be ready to surprise your fiancé, a single babe embracing her goddess energy, or a mama ready to reclaim her sensuality, Brava Boudoir is here to applaud you. You are our muse, our inspiration! For us, Boudoir is so much more than a collection of photos - it’s empowerment, it’s passion, it’s confidence, it’s self-love, it’s magic.

Is it boudoir time?!

It doesn't matter if you're the CEO of a fortune 500 company or a passionate mom of 3 working that small business side hustle, you are a force to be reckoned with and being a leader means being seen as one. Brava Branding is the perfect complement to the sweat and tears you've dedicated towards getting yourself where you are today. And the journey isn't over! Personal Branding is about showing off your best self, your business savvy, and more importantly, how utterly uh-mazing you are as this whole boss-lady thang. 

Oh hey, boss lady!

You are worthy, you are deserving, and you are enough, just as you are. Here's to loving ourselves fiercely and unapologetically. Remember, self-love isn't selfish; it's necessary. It's the foundation upon which we build a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and authentic connection.
Allow me to show you how incredible you truly are.

A place to be "seen".

A chic farmhouse studio offering five styled rooms, Wisconsin’s first rain room, a custom shower set, and five acres of countryside. Whatever your aesthetic is, we can create it.

What started out as photographing weddings quickly snowballed into capturing all of my client’s life events after the wedding day - maternity, newborn, and family photography.

It's the requests I kept getting, and ultimately kept loving, were my brides asking for bridal boudoir along with personal branding images for my bas-ass business girlfriends. I noticed that these women were pursuing photoshoots for someone or something else, and not to necessary to feed their soul. I began focusing just as much effort into the pre and post photoshoot experience as I did the actual shoot because that is where I saw women find excitement, confidence and joy in themselves. 

I knew very quickly this is what I wanted to dedicate all of my time towards. For me, capturing images that allow women to see themselves in a way they never have before is the most rewarding type of photography - no questions asked.

One thing's for sure, photographing women is so empowering and rewarding, I cannot imagine a better journey for myself. I'm here for all your "level up" moments along with those days you just need to feel like a goddess. It's kinda my thing...

I'm Whitney!


I help women find their inner


Dietetics and Culinary Arts (but I still eat take-out like 3x a week!)

went to school for:

mom to 2 rambunctious kiddos and a dog mom to 2 gentle giants (great dane Lucy & mastipoo George)

i'm also a:

cultivating a vegetable and wildflower garden of epic proportions 

i dream of:

Spaghetti - whenever possible!

favorite breakfast food:

tequila, whiskey or champagne 

drink of choice:

wearing shoes, regardless of time of year

you'll rarely see me:

A Little Bit About Me...

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Brava (brä-ˈvä) : well done; very good; excellent. 
Used to praise a female performer.

"I couldn't ask for a better experience! From the booking, to the shoot, to the amazing pictures, I was beyond delighted. I was incredibly nervous going in, but the photoshoot was possibly the most relaxing thing I could have imagined. I was really impressed by all the different rooms and places I was able to get photographed - the whole house is dedicated for this! I had looked at other photographers in the area for this kind of experience, and none of them could even come close to what Whitney made available."

Nella B.


"I would 100% recommend Whitney as a boudoir photographer, she is absolutely amazing!! She made the whole process so comfortable, easy, and FUN! And doing a boudoir shoot is TOTALLY worth it, it is the best type of self-love and self-care! if you're thinking about it- do it!!"

Sydney W.

 "I don’t think words can truly express how thankful I am to have met [Whitney] and to have worked with [her]. I am so excited to gift my soon to be husband this special album. I didn’t realize how much this was for me though too. The amount of confidence this and [Whitney] has given me was an unexpected but such a great surprise. Thank you [Whitney] for being you and doing what you do!"

nicole f.

"I loved my branding/boudoir photoshoot with Whitney!! Whitney makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable through the entire experience. She is fun, positive and makes you laugh every step of the way. She has a way of making you feel confident and sexy through each pose she puts you in. I can’t wait until I do another one!"

After your photoshoot, you’ll get to decide what happens to your images - whether you’re comfortable with me using them in my marketing material, in a password-protected gallery, or burying & burning them all because you'd like them kept private - it’s 100% up to you. 

Your Consent

Once your shoot day arrives, I’ll have taken care of all the details - from the temperature of the room to what music will set the tone of your shoot. Our session will be full of fun, conversation, and laughter, to calm the nerves and help you feel your absolute best. Oh, and I’m like, *the ultimate* hype girl.

Your Confidence

Before your session, I’ll walk you through all the details of what your shoot will include. We’ll discover your personal style and preferences for the phootshoot, as well as clothing, props, and more.

Your Comfort

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